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  • Bhupendra PanwarBhupendra Panwar, our dedicated reporter on social issues and crime, delves into the pressing challenges faced by societies today. With his deep understanding of the complexities surrounding social justice, inequality, and criminal activities, Panwar’s editorials aim to bring attention to marginalized voices and address issues that demand immediate action.
  • Deepak PanwarDeepak Panwar, our esteemed Politics Expert, brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to shed light on the ever-evolving political landscape. From analyzing national policies to dissecting geopolitical dynamics, Panwar offers comprehensive insights into the world of politics. Through his editorials, he aims to stimulate critical thinking and foster informed discussions among our readers.
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 At our news platfoem, we are committed to providing our readers with a comprehensive understanding of the issues that shape our world. Through the diverse expertise of Deepak Panwar, Bhupendra Panwar, and Poonam Bisht, we aim to offer a holistic perspective on politics, social issues, crime, and entertainment. We hope that our editorials inspire you to think critically, engage in meaningful dialogue, and contribute to building a better future for all.


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