Correction Policy

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At Pahari Patrika, we strive to provide accurate and reliable news content to our readers. However, we recognize that errors may occasionally occur despite our best efforts. This Correction Policy outlines our commitment to promptly and transparently addressing any factual errors or inaccuracies that are identified in our published articles.

  1. Reporting Errors We encourage our readers to report any errors they come across in our articles. We value your feedback and consider it an important part of maintaining the quality and accuracy of our news content.
  2. Corrections Process Upon receiving a report of an error, our dedicated team reviews the information provided and investigates the issue. We take corrective action if the reported error is found to be valid. This may involve conducting further research, consulting additional sources, or seeking expert opinions to verify the facts.
  3. Timely Corrections Once an error is confirmed, we make every effort to correct it promptly. Corrections will be applied to the original article, and a clear correction notice will be appended to the article, indicating the nature of the error and the correct information. We aim to ensure that the correction is easily visible to our readers.
  4. Transparency We are committed to transparency in our corrections process. In addition to updating the article itself, we will provide a clear explanation of the correction made. This allows readers to understand the nature of the error and the steps taken to rectify it.
  5. Correction Notice Placement Correction notices will be placed prominently at the bottom of the article. They will be clearly labeled to ensure visibility and accessibility for our readers.
  6. Accountability We maintain a record of all corrections made to our articles. This record allows us to track and review errors, identify any patterns or trends, and take appropriate measures to prevent similar mistakes in the future. We take accountability for the accuracy of our reporting and continually strive to improve our editorial processes.
  7. Reporting Errors To report an error or request a correction, please contact us at [Contact Email]. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the article, the error identified, and any supporting evidence or sources that can help us investigate and verify the correction.

Other Corrections Policies: 

If an error is discovered by a user and is posted in the comments stream, our community engagement team can state in the comments that the error is now fixed. When we post incorrect information on social media we correct the error on the platform. We remove the incorrect information when we are unable to modify the information. We do not assign blame to editors or reporters (e.g. “because of a mistake in reporting” (or “because the editor made a mistake”). Inaccuracy in reporting If you think a report we’ve published is incorrect Please contact our editorial team through the comments section at the end of each web-based article when it is posted. You can also mail us at [email protected].

Requests to Take Down: 

As a matter of our editorial policy, we are not able to accept requests for take-downs. If the person who wrote the story claims that the article was incorrect We are willing to examine the issue and, if needed, publish an update. When fairness demands an update or follow-up of Our previous coverage, we are obliged to consider whether additional editorial action is necessary, but not to take the story down as if it was never published. When we publish publicly accessible personal data, we will only look into takedown requests if the individual involved is in danger of physical harm as a result of the existence of such information.